Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Vote Results Rejected - Fraud Alleged!!

Rarely in the history of blogging has there been such a target of opportunity for snarkiness:

(AP) - Secretary of State Colin Powell said Wednesday the United States cannot accept the results of elections in Ukraine, which the opposition says was marred by fraud. He challenged leaders of the former Soviet bloc nation "to decide whether they are on the side of democracy or not."

"If the Ukrainian government does not act immediately and responsibly there will be consequences for our relationship, for Ukraine's hopes for a Euro-Atlantic integration and for individuals responsible for perpetrating fraud," Powell said.

Weird how that sort of thing happens, huh?

Update, 3:25PM - Michael H. at Spontaneous Arising zeros in on the first volley of snarkiness at Counterpunch.

Update, 11/25/04, 1:30AM - Here's a link to a bit of an update on the Ukraine situation. In light of the recent U.S. elections, the absurdity continues to grow, on so many levels. Don't forget that Bush's good buddy Vlad Putin praised the U.S. elections, calling Chimpy McFly a "predictable partner".