Sunday, November 14, 2004

More on Family Values

Happy Birthday to Happy Birthday, Popeye!. Yes, Popeye is 75 years old today. He's of an age to represent the "age of morals" the Republican'ts refer to. An examination of his life shows him to be moral. It appears that even though he has dated Olive for several decades, there's not been any premarital sex involved in that relationship. Popeye handles bullies, represented over the years by Bluto. He is charitable, always willing to help out Wimpy with a hamburger, but it is not a handout. It's a loan until "Tuesday." Also, like the Republican'ts, Popeye enjoys flexing his muscle in battles against "bad guys."

Perhaps most important is that Popeye is kind to children. It is not clear what his relationship to Swee'Pea is, but it is clear that Popeye adores the androgynous baby. After 75 years, Popeye will be formally adopting Swee'Pea in a ceremony at the National Council for Adoption in New York City on November 21. Don't miss the ceremony, folks.

Seriously, I went on a google image search for the picture here and ran across a few racy images of Popeye and Olive. Man, that spinach appears to be better than Viagra!