Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Broken Record

I feel like I've been repeating the same thing over and over the last few days. Most of my blogging has been about the situation in Iraq. I'm sure there's other news that's just as critical (did you see the PPI rose 1.7% last month?), but there's nothing that's grabbing my attention like the ongoing conflict in Iraq.

Let me ask a question: how in the hell are even sham elections going to be held over there in a little more than two months? But then, I said the same thing about the sham sovereignty turnover a several months back. I can't believe that there is even ongoing preparation for the election. I take that back. There is. You know what they're using for voting rolls?

The old Iraqi "Oil for Food" lists. I kid you not.

Listen, we're up to 88 89 94 U.S. soldiers killed in November. The month's only half over. And, a few minutes prior to this blog entry, AP posted a story about a car bomber using some of that 380 tons of missing explosives to blow up a U.S. convoy. No casualty reports yet. (Think back to the unit that refused convoy duty a few weeks back because they felt it was a "suicide mission"...)

The Bush Administration's newest approach to nation building appears to be that the village has to be leveled to save it. The worst thing is, we could have predicted all of this pre-11/2/04. Military action was postponed for purely political purposes.

I'm glad I have a lot of work to occupy my mind today.