Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Re-Election Protests

Surely they won't all be this drastic, but they are evidently widespread throughout the country. This story about a young Georgia research aid is even getting play in Russian media, but heaven forbid it reach our nightly news. Nor have we heard of the protests in Bellingham, Washington, where students at Western Washington University marched in the streets snarling traffic. Nor have we heard much about the arrest of Bard College students in Red Hook, NY. Further protests could be found in Baltimore, San Francisco, and in Columbus, Ohio.

It appears the biggest protest will be in Washington on January 20, 2005. This seems in the formative stages, but at least a few groups are behind it. Here's an anti-war group, and they, however, have been planning this all along, no matter which party won on Nov. 2, at least according to some of their materials.

I've been bringing up to people for a few days now that I think this election may energize people more than any events since the Viet Nam war. I guess we're seeing some evidence of that. How is the press playing this possibility? Two words: Homeland Security. It appears the protesters will be treated as if they are terrorists. Read the story, folks. 4000 troops will be on hand in Washington to make it safe for the Bush inauguration.