Sunday, November 28, 2004

A Hard Habit to Break

I've followed this story since its beginning back in 2002. Three Dominican nuns of conscience cut though a security fence in rural northeastern Colorado to protest the US's immoral nuclear weapons of mass distruction at the Minuteman III missile site.
"Clad in white jumpsuits identifying the trio as a "citizens' weapons inspector team," they cut through a security fence, smeared crosses in their own blood on the silo lid, and tapped on the rails - on which the 110-ton cover would move in the event of a missile launch - with ball-peen hammers in a symbolic attempt to beat swords into plowshares."
And why are these courageous women ages 57, 68, and 70 making the news today? Because Sister Sarah Gilbert is serving her sentence at Camp Alderson in W. Virginia along with the diva of proper living, Martha Stewart.

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