Friday, November 19, 2004

The Cover of the Rolling Stone it's Not

But I've got something nonpolitical to crow about.

Now, regular readers here will remember my involvement with the fledgling charity Fans Helping Fans. We've been organizing and holding small events for quite a while, and hoping for our big break. Well, today might be the start of that big break, as we got on the cover of the Philadelphia Daily News.

The article even gets everything right, almost, a big leap forward for the Daily News, Philadelphia's "People Paper." For those who don't know, Fans Helping Fans is always the url I link to when making comments. It's a group of Philadelphia Eagles fans who got together and formed a charity to help other fans in emergency need. We were only incorporated in July, but now we've made the front page for the first time. And we'll do it again in ten days when we make our first grant public.