Monday, November 15, 2004

Powell Gone, Quagmire as a Legacy

Quagmire? Well, at least our esteemed leaders are not letting the families trapped in Fallujah get food and water. Last I heard our soldiers were barring a huge convoy of Red Crescent volunteers, evidently in their latest efforts to win the hearts and minds of the typical Iraqi citizen.

I'm thinking anyone connected to this Administration will have a hard time in political life in the future, given the casualty totals we're seeing out of Al Anbar Province (Thanks Bradford Child!). Add a few more to the rats fleeing this sinking ship, like Spencer Abraham. The D.C. lobbying firms are likely slobbering over the kind of access they could get by hiring these folks.

I think we can expect things to get awfully ugly in the next few months. This article at is particularly chilling. Meanwhile,, the Republican response site to the one Richard posted about last week, is suffering a whole bunch of traffic due to parody pictures posted by the likes of Jesus' General.

Just a few links to get your Monday cooking, folks.