Friday, November 12, 2004

Some "Babies" More Equal than Others


I was on a break at work Thursday afternoon - a few minutes to check up on ASZ and a few other blogs, a little power reading. My own personal Fury, the Hulkette, chimed in. Well she doesn't actually chime. The experience is more like how I imagine the reverberations of the bell of Big Ben to be -- while standing inside the bell tower.

It's only ever about convergence on the Happy Planet for Hulkette and me. Connections, connections, connections, and all the great, incongruous disconnections. We can't not see and hear the connections, and rave the most when mother culture's loudspeakers fail to perceive them. And mother culture's loudspeakers are blaring away with the most heinous disregard for connections right now.

Let me 'splain. We have the US Attorney General appointee, Alberto Gonzales, and a bruhaha that has begun and will keep on for awhile. You know it will. Sure he's conservative say the so-called "pro-life" Sims, but Judie Brown of the "American Life League" (ALL - puleaze! these acronyms...) says she's a tad concerned about the Gonzales' commitment to the "correct" way of thinking and acting. Her way. Gonzales is not ALL's sort of conservative.

"As a Texas Supreme Court Justice, Gonzales' rulings implied he does not view abortion as a heinous crime. Choosing not to rule against abortion, in any situation, is the epitome of denying justice for an entire segment of the American population - preborn babies in the womb," said Judie Brown, president of ALL, in a statement."

You still with me/us?

Judie (Judie, Judie) is also horked off about Arlen Specter's desire to head the Senate Judiciary Committee (which will be "instrumental" in judicial nominations), 'cos you know, even though Arlen hasn't quite decided which side of the aisle he's going to sit on for the next four years ... She thinks God's Little Tool ought to do something about that little problem.

"Why is President Bush betraying the babies? Justice begins with protecting the most vulnerable in our midst. Please, Mr. President - just say no to the unjust views of Alberto Gonzales," Brown concluded."

But Hulkette noticed immediately that Judie in her solemn charge to protect human life, human babies, has failed to note how many babies God's Tool's Holy War is maiming and killing in Iraq these days.

Hulkette screams ... Disconnect, baby!!! If it walks like it, and talks like it ... call it what it is: hypocrisy. All Life League, my happy ass.

Here's our inspiration from Atrios for today.

I leave you with images for our incredible disconnect. Some babies on the Happy Planet are more equal than others...

Equal "baby" at left.

Unequal "baby" at right.