Friday, November 26, 2004

The Making of a Poor Richard's Almanac...

The Doc went to visit the Spin'ster and I went underground, and poor Richard is left, like a proper older sibling, to pick up the slack. Suffice it to say that apart from the wonderful Thanksgiving at my Boo and Tom's house, it's been a dicey time. It's really been the dicey-ist in a lot of years. We know Kate is the one that does "this" here at ASZ... It's how famlies (chosen families) do it. I'm the emotion-on-my-sleeve one of the three of us. If you all think I'm a limosine liberal... put your mind to rest. I'm just a working-poor woman trying to get through each day. I just happen to have couple of brain cells left over for blogging.

Yesterday was mostly wonderful. I helped make scratch stuffing with Boo and Tom, and stuffed the bird and had a breakfast snack, and waited... waiting is... Heinlein... Stranger in a Strange Land. Waiting is.

We had a wonderful time all day. We got to watch Shrek2... and I'm a sequel hater, but this one was excellent.

Coping. Coping. I know about coping. I've a lot of training. I'm doing some of it now. I was going to post a link for people to find some resources for coping, but if you're here you already have the skills to find coping stuff on the Internet. I really didn't think this one would lay me low. It's usually Xmas... I got sent home from work today. I'm not too worried. When we've already confronted the abyss, there's not much more to be scared about.