Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Time for me to take off for what my fiancee is calling "my big fat greek thanksgiving." Let's detail the attendees:

-The Duke and Duchess, my fiancee's parents, who are so Republican they would vote for a field mouse if he had a Bush lapel pin attached to his tail.

-The brother-in-law's mother, who views life through a prism of "is it good for Israel. I think she decides on her brand of butter this way.

-Liz and Marty, dot.com limosine liberals in training.

-Sam and Hayley, the children, 5 and 7, of the limosine liberals, and whose table I will be sharing.

-Spin'ster and Spin'ster-in-law with their two adopted girls. Yes, a lesbian couple pledged to each other for life. And two darling chinese neices I will meet for the first time. i'm expecting a whole bunch of cuddle time.

-Jennifer and Max, the fiancee's other sister and her boy. They're Quakers. Max is a serious eight year old, and I'm giving him a copy of a Dave Barry book.

Holy CRAP! Is this hell or is it memorex? Oh, and the picture is the obligatory Bush bashing segment of this post!

Rinse well, folks, and happy turkey day!