Friday, November 19, 2004

Never Too Early for Thanksgiving Wishes

What in the world can I be thankful for?

Bush is still in power, and it looks like he is replacing all the moderate voices in his Administration with hardliners. Or himself, maybe? Now that's scary, and Thanksgiving is not supposed to be scary!

As many have read, I'm going out to Kalifornia to visit with Spin'ster and her partner, but also with my fiancee's family. In the comments section here it is evidently being billed as "Dining with Wolves." Fear not. The old SpinDentist will turn on the biggest charm offensive since Bill Clinton and have the babies climbing on his lap for hugs.

This isn't a deep post. No railing about Tom DeLay and his criminal actions. No Hallibutron snarky comments. It is more about family values that we all have. I'm dying to meet two little girls, my neices, for the very first time. And I am dying to smother them with uncle love.

OK, potshots at the BushCorp Admin resume tomorrow. Until then, remember to floss.