Saturday, November 13, 2004

Let's Play a Game!

We've seen the willingness of the Bush Administration to treat our constitution like used kleenex when they proposed the Marriage Amendment, the only such proposal I can recall that limited potential rights given to a group of people. And everyone here is on the same page on the same-sex marriage issue, I think, that gays and lesbians are good citizens and should be treated as such.

My question here concerns what other amendments will be proposed to placate the radical clerics of the Christian Right. Will there be a "prayer in school" amendment? Will they attempt to excise the separation clause? Will the American Mullahs pass an amendment seeking to teach creationism? More intriguing yet, what creative name will they pull straight from Madison Avenue meets 1984?

Hmm, while perusing ESPN's Jayson Stark, I came across his reference to this speculation about the Administration's next move. Would we call that the "Manly Sports Amendment?"

Yes, that picture above is of Dick "Don't Call Me Cheney" Button.