Friday, November 19, 2004

Late Friday Family Blogging - The Stonehawks

Yes. I'm coming clean. My children are made of glass.

Actually, it's just a large 4.5' X 3' mixed media piece that I created for my son and his wife when they married in 1997. It's stained glass and other found objects on a boxed masonite canvas. Mixed media stuff is my favorite thing to do along with watercolor, at which I'm a silly dabbler. I have done no new piece in ages. I must. I must. It's one of those sane-making things we Happy Planet Sims can do for ourselves. Creativity. Not for the squeamish.

The back story: Before my son and his wife married they puzzled over the issue of their last name. They didn't want to do the hyphenated thing, and neither wanted their own family names. My son went the whole hog. Went to court and changed his last name to Stonehawk. Published in the papers, made all legal. When they married they became not his family name and not hers. They became the Stonehawks. Their own name.

It was the most assertive thing I'd ever known my son to do in his "life", and I applauded it and him for it. His father's family took it badly, however. He is the only male grandson of seven grandchildren with the family name ... and very much older than the other six little girls. His aunt in particular tried to guilt-trip the hell out of him. Hulkette was very pissed. So was my son. He politely told her to "shove it".

I have the photo now because I've just done major repairs and upgrades to the canvas. Pieces fell off when they moved to a new apartment. I added a little "pocket watch" hanging from a ribbon in the beak of the bird on the moon, and added some flowers in the grass at their feet. I gave my daughter-in-law a heart shaped piece of glass in the appropriate place. I'm not immune to the fantastical notion that such things transcend our paltry three dimensions.

So there it is. Is it art? Not in the sense of a Monet, but it's at least an artifact of our existence.
Note: the heads are done in mirror and are reflecting my kitchen "studio" ceiling and such...