Tuesday, September 14, 2004

"We're bringing FREEDOM to the Iraqi people."

Here's your fucking freedom, Bush.

And here:

...We left the kids behind the bent-knee guy, the cellphone guy and the blue V-neck T-shirt guy; they were all unconscious now. We left them to die there alone. I didn't even try to move any with me. I just ran selfishly away. I reached a building entrance when someone grabbed my arm and took me inside. "There's an injured man. Take pictures - show the world the American democracy," he said. A man was lying in the corridor in total darkness as someone bandaged him...
And here...


And here... (thanks to reader loudmix for the video link)

And here... (BBC full video of the story, with Apaches flying in; RealPlayer)

Two Apache gunships fire missles and random machine gun fire onto a crowded Haifa Street in Baghdad yesterday. No Americans were in or around the Bradley that was being "protected". This was random violence perpetrated by the Royal Army of King George II.

I knew it was bad when I heard the reports on Sunday, but I'm quite at a loss for further words right now.

(Thanks, I think, to an astute reader on Eschaton for links to this outrage. The world needs to know.)