Wednesday, September 01, 2004

In Honor of the RNC Convention...

I bring you a repost from May of this year - an inspired rant from Sometimes I struggle for the words to put my feelings in the right kind of perspective, but on the eve of George Bush's acceptance speech at the RNC Convention, I can think of no more succinct way to convey my true feelings:

...I'm tired of being expected to feel ashamed because I don't want to help right-wing assholes turn this country into a shitkicker theme park. I'm tired of having my patriotism questioned by people who think Thomas Jefferson was a sitcom character. I'm smarter, better educated and more informed than these people -- why the fuck should I be forced to treat their opinions as if they were equally as valid as my own? You wouldn't ask a six year old how to tune a Lamborghini's why should you care about the political opinions of people who can't point out their own goddamn country on a map? I've lived in the Middle East and spent time with Kurdish insurgents; I don't give a shit what some semi-literate Midwestern retard who's never been more than two hundred miles from home and whose idea of intellectual exercise is watching "Jeopardy" thinks about the intricacies of Islamic theology as it relates to the metaphysical notion of jihad. Fuck him.

Am I an elitist? If by "elitism" you mean "expecting people to actually know what the fuck they're talking about before they start talking about it," then yes, I'm an elitist. Fine. [This is] for other "elitists" who are proud of actually being smart and, y'know, knowing something about the world they didn't get from Fox News or the cover of the goddamn Reader's Digest.
While I might not be able to approach this level in articulation of righteous indignation, I'm giving it a try. Check back tomorrow night for my "undemocratic response" to George Bush's acceptance speech.