Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Could This Be Cheney's Problem?

Some people say it could be. Certainly, it's relevant for a reporter to ask the Vice President when he last had a cognitive function test.

In the art of troubleshooting and problem analysis, the first question to ask is, "What's changed?". It's quite obvious, to even the most partisan observer, that something has changed with the Dickster.

His naked verbal agression on the floor of the Senate ("Go fuck yourself") to a sitting U.S. Senator shocked even his most stalwart GOP supporters. He's making claims that are not only specious (Saddam and al Qaeda linked at the hip, even though investigation after investigation has shot big holes in this theory) and hysterical ("the terrorists will attack if Kerry's elected"), but downright out of character and totally against his (cough cough) boss' agenda (gay marriage is okley dokley).

So inquiring minds want to know - could the veep be suffering from dementia onset, or at least a raging case of pump head? (Don't forget, Cheney had a quadruple bypass in 1988 before minimal invasive bypass surgery was an available option).

Again, his behaviors have been a bit strange of late. Yeah, ok, Cheney's the red meat guy for Karl Rove, but even so, he's been saying some pretty whacked out shit even for him.

So, yes, I think it's a very legitimate question. What's up with Dick?