Thursday, September 09, 2004

Back from the Hurricane

I'm only back for a day or so. Sorry, folks, but I must travel to Philadelphia to meet the parents of my fiance.

It has been interesting here in the hurricane zone. Here in Cocoa Beach we're pretty liberal. We like tourists, no matter what, but not so much that there are no dissidents to that wonderful ethic. some of those dissidents are members of the local Baptist Church. They can be found regularly to rail agains gays and choice and al those conservative hot-button issues.

Hey, look at what GOD did! That steeple looks to have speared them in the heart!

Yeah, Bush is all about appointing judges who won't be activists so as to mollify these Baptists. Bullcrap! Check out this article about how activist Bush judges are: LINK.

I'll post some more in the next days, but travel and hurricane are hampering that. Love you all, though!