Monday, May 03, 2004

Reality Sucks

I've been away for the past week on a mind numbing experience. But I'll talk about the evils of excessive alcohol consumption at a later date. Suffice it to say that there are times in life when, for the sake of one's personal sanity, it's necessary to empty the brain. Seven days in an environment where pretty much the heaviest mental lifting required is "which dinner entree should I order?" really helps to soothe the soul.

One thing I rediscovered is that it's an exercise in futility to try and completely divorce yourself from events in the outside world. It doesn't matter how geographically (or mentally) distant from reality you choose to remove yourself. Someone, somewhere in the world, is still publishing six-page New York Times synopses. So I wasn't completely out of the news loop. Still, the lack of a "real time news feed" was both a comfort and, at times, maddening.

A lot of crap has gone down on the world stage since I began my self imposed exile, and I'll be getting around to discussing those topics over the next few days. Suffice it to say I was taking notes while I was away.

Many thanks to Doc and Kate for taking care of the blog in my absence! I knew ASZ would be in good hands.