Thursday, May 20, 2004

Just Frat House Pranks

Nothing to see here. Move along.

From the Denver Post: Brutal interrogation in Iraq: Five detainees' deaths probed

The numbers I've read in the last couple of days is detainee deaths numbering at least 25.

Do any of you remember the spin artwork little machine we used to have, and that they used to have at school fairs back in the 60s? I think the Pentagon needs a BIG one of those little machines.

Short blurb, all of it here: 'VERY TROUBLING'

"Pentagon records provide the clearest view yet of the U.S. tactics used at Anu Ghraib and elsewhere to coax secrets from Iraqis.

Brutal interrogation techniques by U.S. military personnel are being investigated in connection with the deaths of at least five Iraqi prisoners in war-zone detention camps, Pentagon documents obtained by The Denver Post show.

The deaths include the killing in November of a high-level Iraqi general who was shoved into a sleeping bag and suffocated, according to the Pentagon report. The documents contradict an earlier Defense Department statement that said the general died "of natural causes" during an interrogation. Pentagon officials declined to comment on the new disclosure."

Very troubling? Understandment as art, yathink?