Friday, May 14, 2004

Future History of the American Inquisition

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The concepts of an inquisition and inquisitorial procedure lie deep in the roots of world history. Inquisitions were used during the decline of the Roman Empire until the Spanish Inquisition's decline in the early 1800s. An inquisition can be run by both civil and church authorities in order to root out non-believers from a nation or religion. The Spanish Inquisition was one of the most deadly inquisitions in history.

The American Inquisition was used for both political and religious reasons. The United States is a nation-state that was born out of religious struggle between numerous different belief systems including Catholicism, Islam, Protestantism and Judaism. Following the liberal successes of the 60's and 70's, the leaders of the U.S. needed a way to unify the country into a strong nation. The PNAC chose Christianity to unite the U.S. and in 2004 even asked permission of the pope to begin the American Inquisition to purify members of the Catholic Church in America. The Cardinals and Bishops of the Catholic Dioceses in the U.S. complied.

In 2004, Bishop Michael Sheridan became the inquisitor-general for most of the U.S., aided and abetted by Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis. He was responsible for establishing the rules of inquisitorial procedure and creating branches of the Inquisition in various cities of the Denver Diocese.

The Inquisition was run procedurally by the inquisitor-general who established local tribunals of the Inquisition. Accused heretics were identified by the general population and brought before the tribunal. The were given a chance to confess their heresy against the Catholic Church and were also encouraged to indict other heretics. If they admitted their wrongs and turned in other aggressors against the church they were either released or sentenced to a prison penalty. If they would not admit their heresy or indict others the accused were publicly introduced in a large ceremony before they were publicly chastised as (presumptive) presidential nominees or sentenced to eternity in purgatory. The American Inquisition's reign of terror was finally suppressed in 2005. the original to see how little of the text I changed.