Friday, May 14, 2004

Diminished Expectations

Funny how perceptions and expectations change over time. I was watching Bob Novak on the CNN Paula Zahn stupidfest a few minutes ago as they discussed Monkey Boy's(tm) plummeting approval ratings. Novak was saying, "oh, the war is going badly right now, wait until the situation improves, sovereignty on June 30, yada yada yada".

Excuse me, Bob?

A) Iraq was supposed to be a quick and dirty police action. That's how it was sold, like an "In and Out" burger. It wasn't supposed to be a fucking quagmire with no end in sight.

B) "Mission Accomplished" was over a year ago. Major fighting was done. Baghdad should be literally blooming with flowers from all the grateful Iraqis.

No, Bob, you've seen the top of the polls for George W. Bush. There is no bottom. Actually, if I had any concern, it would be that there is a theoretical Rovian bottom that triggers something other than elections in November.

Personal to Bob Novak: You're a partisan hack, Novak, masquerading as a journalist / commentator. Your allegiance was bought and sold many moons ago. Paradoxically enough, the only thing that could salvage your career at this point (assuming the Plame thing doesn't completely explode in your face, like everyone is anticipating) is a Bush loss. At least then you could ply your hate trade on President Kerry.

It seems to work for Oxy Rush.