Tuesday, May 11, 2004

"Recently, photographs were made public that 

appeared to show U.S. soldiers abusing
Iraqi prisoners. Do you think the soldiers
mistreated these prisoners on their own, or
do you think they were following orders from
their commanders?"

On Following
Their Own Orders

ALL 47 31
Republicans 58 18
Democrats 38 45
Independents 51 26

"Do you think the Pentagon acted properly in
dealing with this matter, or do you think
it tried to cover up the abuse?"

Acted Tired to
Properly Cover It Up

ALL 32 52
Republicans 50 35
Democrats 17 70
Independents 36 47

"Do you think Donald Rumsfeld should resign as
secretary of defense because of this
matter, or not?"

Should Should
Resign Not Resign

ALL 24 66
Republicans 10 84
Democrats 40 47
Independents 18 75

I guess I'm further out in left field than I thought...

University of Pennsylvania National Annenberg Election Survey.
May 6-9, 2004.