Thursday, May 20, 2004

Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave

I learned the rhyme when I was a young child. Did you? Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

It seems obvious to me that the movers and shakers in power in the US government (which includes the DOD and all heads of military branches) never heard it, never learned it, or have conveniently forgotten it.

A case in point: U.S. Military Vows to Keep Afghan Jails Secret

Excerpt: "KABUL (Reuters) - Accused of failing to tackle prison abuses in Afghanistan while rushing to contain the scandal in Iraq, the U.S. military in Kabul said it would review its secretive jails but vowed to keep them shut to the outside world.

The families of two Afghans who died from wounds sustained in a U.S. detention center at Bagram, just north of Kabul, 18 months ago, are still waiting for the outcome of a U.S. investigation."
(by Mike Collett-White)

The other thing that occurs to me is to ask one of the great rarely asked questions: Since many of us in the US know that the power people lie as easily as breathing out and breathing in, WHY, WHY, WHY ... do they keep voting for the liars who tell them pretty stories on the stump? I'll never understand this, even if I live to be 100 years-old. I also don't understand why people in the US are not at least protesting in droves outside the Capitol Building, the White House, and the Pentagon. (except of course for the natty little swat teams and paramilitary police riot squads ... that I understand)

I must find my knitting needles, and speak like Madame LaFarge in "History of the World, Part 1", and address you affectionately:

Bonjour, Scum! ;-)