Friday, May 21, 2004

NC GOP - No Gays in Our Manly Club

Yep, gotta love the GOP "big tent". They love a good token.

Unless the token is ~~gasp~~ a homo. No, no, don't need none of that there stuff 'round these here parts.
CNN) -- Gay Republicans in North Carolina said state party officials told them their group isn't welcome at a convention this weekend because "homosexuality is not normal" and their agenda is "counterproductive to the Republican agenda."

Bill Peaslee, a spokesman for the state GOP, said its leaders rescinded their offer to grant the Log Cabin Republicans a table at the convention because "in our opinion, they're not really a Republican organization. Their political agenda is different than our political agenda."

"While they call themselves loyal Republicans, they spend more time and more resources pointing out what's wrong with the party than what's right," Peaslee added. "They're attacking Republicans. We're in the business of electing Republicans. They're not loyal."
I'll let you fill in the blanks, if you're so inclined.