Monday, May 24, 2004

ASZ Express

Quick reading from around Left Blogistan this morning - we do the heavy lifting so you don't have to!

Democratic Party circular firing squads - The DLC and NDN go at it. Kos opines that the DNC should stick a fork in the DLC. LSMFT.

Dubya's slide toward 41-style oblivion continues. - When he dropped below 45% a few weeks back, it was obvious he was losing even the hard core wingnuts.

Diminished expectations - In a developement closely related ("kissing cousin" close) to his polls tanking, Dubya is seeking to reassure voters that hundreds of Americans have not died in vain, and tell the world that he actually has a plan for Iraq. Seems about 18 months too late to me.

All Chalabi, all the time - Tom Clancy could not have written this spy novel. Got a few hours? Drink up and get out the reading glasses. Ahmed Chalabi has played the Bush Administration en toto like a tour bus full of Nebraska rubes on Bourbon Street. Ok, so I'm being harsh on Nebraska rubes.

And finally, The General needs to get a pothole fixed.

More later...