Monday, May 10, 2004


This is one of those "words don't adequately describe" moments. Counsel says...
...One of England's Denver-based attorneys, Giorgio Ra'Shadd, said the military was so short of troops in Iraq that untrained people were being used as guards. "Because there was a shortage of personnel the commander on the scene took people who had no idea how to be MPs and cut them off at the neck from their leadership," he said. "That is crazy."

He said his client was being offered up as a scapegoat for the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners. "What is offensive to me is that we have generals and the secretary of defense hiding behind a
20-year-old farm girl from West Virginia who lives in a trailer park," Ra'Shadd said.
So, now Bush is on the verge of losing the WV trailer park vote. Will he make it as far as the convention?

(No offense meant to anyone who lives in a doublewide and/or in West Virginia. Really. I mean it. Dammit.)