Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Meanwhile, Back on the Campaign Trail...

Ralph Nader and John Kerry are scheduled for a sit-down today. I'm not sure why Kerry's taking a meeting with Ralph, because I think it's improbable that the egoist Nader will ever withdraw from this year's presidential race. And unlike many Democrats, I don't think it's necessary. Here's why (I know, none of it's new, but it bears repeating):

I think Nader's supporters learned a lesson in 2000, even if Nader himself did not.

It's clear that Nader irrevocably impacted the last presidential election, and when he decided to run this year, I was initially mad. Surely, I thought to myself, Nader understands what happened. And surely, he can't believe that things wouldn't be demonstrably different (if not better) if Al Gore's people were sitting in the West Wing.

So, I hold Ralph Nader indirectly (check that, directly) responsible for the mess we're in right now. My fervent expectation is that Ralph's supporters understand. Yep, he's polling in the 5 to 6 percent range right now. Fine. It makes for good press, and gives the Fox yakkers something to yak about. And if Republicans are tossing money his way (as is being reported), great - because Nader's issues are Kerry's issues, for the most part. If GOP money helps get the message out, so much the better.

This year, I truly expect most of Nader's support to ultimately throw in with the Democratic Party nominee when they walk into the voting booth.