Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Pre-debate Thread

As you're no doubt aware (being the astute, politically saavy person that you are) the Vice Presidential debate comes to you from Cleveland tonight.

In one corner, we have John "Luke Skywalker" Edwards, Senator from North Carolina.

In the other corner, we have DICK "Darth Vader" Cheney, President of the United States.

Here's a little background reading from the past couple of days that touches on the debate, and the contrast in styles that will surely be in sharp focus tonight:

Cheney, Edwards gird for newly important debate

Two articles from The Nation: Cheney's Cronies and 10 Questions for Dick Cheney (from Doc's posting below)

The Rude Dude (and I mean really rude today...again from Doc)

Another News Cycle - my piece contrasting Edwards and Cheney

I'll add more links as I run into them this afternoon. If you stumble across anything really "off the beaten debate path", leave a link in the comments and I'll add it into the mix.

As with the Kerry / McButcher debate, we'll open a thread for real-time debate discussion early this evening, and a post-debate "spin it" thread afterwards. There was great participation last time around, and you're all welcome to join us here this evening!