Friday, October 22, 2004

What are the Thugs Scared Of?


The more people that vote, the less the thug's chances of gaming the election. And they know it. That's why they continually go way out of their way to void the voting rights of as many citizens as possible.

I realize this isn't news. It happens every November. The Thugs think that anyone who has a problem with a registration is going to be voting for a Democrat. With a nearly 5 - 1 Dem to GOP advantage in new registrations this year, it's no wonder the Thugs are scared, and want to preemptively do everything they can to lower that advantage.

The courts have always ruled for the voter in cases like these. It's called "benefit of the doubt", and assumes that every citizen that registers to vote does so with the best of intentions in mind, and in good faith -- exercising their constitutional right to participate in the democratic (small D) process of electing their leaders.

Why do the Thugs hate the concept of democracy?

Why do the Thugs hate America?

...A federal appeals court — one step away from the Supreme Court — is expected to rule next week on one of the most contested questions this year, the counting of provisional ballots. It is possible that one side or the other would then appeal to the justices, asking them to draw national rules.

Provisional voting is supposed to be a backup for eligible voters whose names are missing from the rolls when they show up at polls on Nov. 2. It is required for the first time nationally this year.

In key states where the race is tight, provisional ballots could determine the winner, and thus perhaps the presidency...