Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Rittenhouse Review

I need to call attention to these folks, especially when they post a very important Guide to Election Day. I hope you all read it, and if possible, help oput your fellow voters for Kerry. Also, since I'm moving into their neighborhood in just a couple months, I thought I'd do them a favor.

Folks, the GOTV doesn't stop until the last Democrat votes. That's going to be right around 7:00 EST. And the blogging here on ASZ doesn't stop until Kerry is declared a winner by FauxNews.

So, anyone else have a picture that is inspiring? Maybe a song? Oh, I know a few people have some songs. How about some Springsteen? Mary Queen of Arkansas, maybe?

Sorry for the silliness, but this may be my last post for a while. I'm grading papers for the next couple days.

Hey, those are the same "Firefighters for Kerry" signs I saw yesterday!

One Last Little Edit: Has anyone ever read Roger Ailes' Blog? It's highly entertaining. I understand he's got a good take on O'Reilly's troubles there, and also a letter from the E Street Band Veterans For Truth.