Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Let's get ENERGIZED!

Like I need to tell the frequenters of the Allspinzone, but I'm getting back here after a long weekend in Cleveland, of all places, and a very long weekend it was. Yes, all my Republican relatives would vote for a specimen of some tropical disease if it were named Bush. But I had one fun fashion moment that's sure to please.

You see, I was walking down the aisle of Brown's Stadium Sunday in my new Eagles scarf, a stitched together hodgepodge of many Eagles shirts from the past, when a large black woman shouted at me and asked where I got the scarf.

OK, not as cute a picture as the one of me as a kid. Anyway, I showed her the scarf, even the section of it with the Peanuts gang in Eagles helmets, and told her all about the woman in Manayunk who makes them, and she appreciated it. I also told her I'd get her more specific information before the game finished. Finally, before I turned away towards my seat I said, "A similar scarf would look good on you, Mrs. McNabb, and by the way, I love your TV work."

So, I had fun, but now I'm energized. On this weekend the election never really left my consciousness. Could it be partly because my flight preceded Bush's at Akron Canton Airport by only 40 minutes, and the State Troopers were out in force? Alas, it brought memories of my viewing my first President in 1969 when Dick "Don't call me Cheney" Nixon arrived at the same airport back when I was 12.

But this isn't about me. This is about how we keep our sense of outrage going right up until November 2nd and beyond. And this is a dare.

I'm betting nobody can do it. Nobody can recite just one. But try, would you?

Give me ONE Bush Administration Outrage, the one that is most egregious to you. Just one!

Give it down there in the comments.

Mine is that Bush wouldn't go after Zarqawi before the war, in effect aiding and abetting beheadings and the execution of dozens of Iraqi policemen this weekend. Yes, three times he was advised by his military advisors to go after Zarqawi, but Because it might have harmed Bush's lame attempts to build a coalition to invade Iraq, Bush wimped out.

If you want to look at a couple other outrages before making your choice, here are a couple extreme ones.

Post your favorite Bush evil HERE!