Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Incompetence of Biblical Proportions

So, who gets promoted for this whole cataclysmic Al-Qaqaa fuckup? Seems like everyone who's been associated with some aspect of George Bush's successful attempt at nation wrecking has either received a promotion or a wink and a nod.

I know this story's now over 24 hours old, but with each passing hour my outrage grows, because I know this whole episode of high explosives (and high drama) is probably just the teensey tiny tip of a huge iceberg. The GOP's got their talking points out there, and they've surely clamped down on the State and War Department leakers by now, but damn if there isn't enough documentation and people talking to hoist these sonsabitches by their petards once and for all.

It's axiomatic that no one will ever spend a minute of jail time as a result of this gross incompetence of biblical proportions - but perhaps we can at least insist that Chimp and his stepford wife pack their own boxes as they move out. Just make sure that security's guarding the White House silverware.

Al-Qaqaa Spokesman Says No Weapons Search:

When the troops from the 101st Airborne Division's 2nd Brigade arrived at the Al-Qaqaa base a day or so after Baghdad's fall on April 9, 2003, there were already looters throughout the facility, Lt. Col. Fred Wellman, deputy public affairs officer for the unit, told The Associated Press.

The soldiers 'secured the area they were in and looked in a limited amount of bunkers to ensure chemical weapons were not present in their area,' Wellman wrote in an e-mail message. 'Bombs were found but not chemical weapons in that immediate area.

'Orders were not given from higher to search or to secure the facility or to search for HE type munitions, as they (high-explosive weapons) were everywhere in Iraq,' he wrote.
I'm not settling for after-life accountability for these bastards anymore. A good old fashioned witchhunt is definitely indicated. I want public floggings. I want each of these asshats (and all of their "media" enablers) to be so thoroughly taken down and discredited that they're ashamed to even walk out to the curb in the morning to pick up their newspaper.


9PM: Thanks to eagle eyed ASZ netizen Bean for catching the Al-Qaqaa timeline compiled by Jeanne @ Body and Soul earlier today.

9:40PM: Thanks to ASZ regular BradfordChild for the hookup with Salon.com - even as I was typing the words "tip of the iceberg", Salon posted a very revealing article that says the same thing. Certainly worth suffering through the ad to get the day pass.