Thursday, October 21, 2004

Red Sox Yankmes: A Good Sign?

I got this idea from Pissed Off Patricia over at Blondesense, who raised the topic about how the Republican Convention was held in New York City, and the Democratic Convention was in Boston. Clear parallel there, of course. So I'm wondering, are there other parallels?

As you can see, George Steinbrenner clearly has his mind on "Empire," as it sometimes seems Bush does. And, hey, their first names are both "George, " of course. What else do you suppose could there be in common?

Well, certainly with George Bush the buck does not stop at his desk, as he is truly the leader of Operation: Perpetual Excuse. Steinbrenner is known to blame others as well, though he doesn't have Billy Martin to blame over and over anymore. Betting is that this time Giambi, Stottlemyre and at least one reliever will get the axe. Hmm, both King Georges would fire others who don't agree? Well, there's a horde of Generals Bush has ignored, and then blamed.

Now I'm not saying that the Red Sox victory over the stale and mistake-ridden kingdom of George Steinbrenner presages the election, but there are parallels, and it would be unfitting if we here at the Allspinzone did not encourage all of you to work overtime and compile those parallels in our comment section.

Oh, there's another one. Both George Steinbrenner and George Dumbya Bush spend money like Drunken Yale Cheerleaders. I'm sure you all can construct even funnier parallels. I wonder if George Steinbrenner has his very own version of Dick Cheney, or Bill Frist. Who would play his version of Karl Rove in the movie?

Oh, and I want a costume like George is wearing for Halloween.