Friday, October 29, 2004

Too many strings to pull

I've written about Jim Bunning and his apparent failing mental health in the last couple months. It pains me to do so, as I am a Phillies fan, and he's one of the greatest they evert had on the mound. Bunning's various antics recently, of accusing his opponent of molesting his wife, for instance, or of ducking debates he'd already agreed to, has helped his opponent, one of the biggest underdogs in the country, into the race.

Dr. Mongiardo, the challenger, has Bunning on the ropes, and as Josh Marshall notes, Mongiardo has the Republicans so worried that they've resorted to calling Mongiardo gay. Yes, politics for these boys is evidently an extension of Junior High. Hopefully when Bunning loses they won't give him a swirly.

I especially liked this line in the Lexington Herald-Leader article cited by Josh Marshall.

Bunning told reporters yesterday that President Bush might be in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati on Sunday as he campaigns for his own re-election. Plans are still tentative, but Bunning said he would want to join Bush if it happens.

Imagine, Bunning, who it is widely assumed is suffering some sort of dementia, standing tall with Dumbya, who can't put down such scintillating fiction as "My Pet Goat."

Alert the stand-up comics, because this will be some epic material.

To be serious, I believe Bunning to be a good man, and he should withdraw from the race and retire. I am sure his fellow Republicans will not allow that, and that is yet one more definition of "no shame."