Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Hit 'em Where it Hurts, John

Don't forget, the debate tonight is being held in Ohio, where 250,000+ jobs have been lost during Dubya and Darth's term in office.

Lousy news on the employment front:

Employers announced 107,863 layoffs in September, an eight-month high and 41 percent higher than in the same year-earlier month. The other half of the Challenger report showed employer hiring announcements last month at only 16,166 new job openings compared with 132,105 job openings in August.
In addition, BLS job numbers for September are coming in Friday, just before the Kerry / Bush debate on domestic issues. Watch the lies fly! Gasp as reality is denied! Gaze in awe as the incumbents burst into flames at the polls, because the average person knows what the real deal is -- and you won't even care how Rove spins it.