Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Back from a GREAT Weekend!

And a busy one it was. I got to see a great city, Chicago, became formally engaged, and my Philadelphia Eagles won, though they were not overpowering. And I got to see this in person:
(Odd that I can't find that image of Bush that was photoshopped into this painting. . . are things getting so bad that I fear it has been censored from the internet?)

My comments today are about John Nichols' column in The Nation. He writes about ten questions that should be asked of Mr. Cheney, and it seems appropriate to call the column to your collective attention since that debate is happening tonight. This is, as Nichols says, about the only unscripted moment we will have from Cheney, so it is time we went all out, and the questions he presents are policy-rich and all about this war. I particularly like this one:

2.) Why were maps of Iraqi oil fields and pipelines included in the documents reviewed by the administration's energy task force, the National Energy Policy Development Group, which you headed during the first months of 2001? Did discussions about regime change in Iraq figure in the deliberations of the energy task force?

I want Edwards to hit him with everything about Halliburton, secrecy in government, playing to the corporate interests, and much, much more. I think Nichols questions very thought provoking, but a part of me would take the advice Rude Pundit is dishing out for Edwards today. Yowza!

Richard, are we having another debate topic going tonight?