Monday, October 25, 2004

Your Meme for the Day

350 Tons of RDX = 700,000 pounds.

It took less than one pound of RDX to bring down Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland on December 21, 1988.

Because of their total lack of planning, forethought, or caring, the Bush administration is directly responsible for letting enough explosives slip through their hands to cause nearly 1,000,000 Lockerbie's.

Oh, yeah, I forgot. They were busy after the invasion. Busy securing the oil fields.

But leaving the ammo and munitions dumps unsecure and wide open.

Here's another little factoid for you. Back in April, 2003, in their increasingly desperate quest to find evidence of WMD, the BushCo-backed ISG in Iraq trotted out a bottle labled 'Tabun,' " a nerve agent developed during World War II. The bottle contained a few drops of unidentified liquid. So, while the future insurgency was walking off with 350 tons of high explosives (now being used against our own troops and Iraqi civilians), stripping the copper pipes, and stealing the lightbulbs in Qa Qaa, where was the bottle with a few drops of unknown substance found?

You've got it.

Qa Qaa.

Update, 10:00AM: TeamKerry responds. Great, concise talking points, and I'm sure there's more waiting in the wings. Let's see how much of this the media actually picks up. I'm sure Rush and Hannity and Fox and working feverishly on the GOP talking points right now.