Sunday, October 24, 2004

ASZ Housekeeping

  1. I've been seriously remiss in not updating the ASZ blogroll recently (like I haven't been working on other stuff...all excuses...). There are several great blogs that I travel to regularly, and hope you'll find them as helpful and / or entertaining as do I. The newbies have a ** next to them in the blogroll.

  2. A lot of first time voters that I work with have been asking me how to find out where their polling place is located. For those of you in small town America (like me), it's a no brainer. For someone new to the process who lives in a big city (like where I work), it can be a daunting task just figuring out the correct place to vote.

    Given the O-hi-O ruling yesterday on not allowing provisional balloting if you show up at the wrong polling place, it becomes all the more important that people know where to vote. Last night, I stumbled onto a great site that will answer all your questions. By all means, if you or someone you know has any concerns about where to vote, check out or call your local election board.

  3. Our own SpinDentist is out of action until next Wednesday, so Forrest from American Bodhisattva has graciously agreed to do some guest blogging and take up some of Doc's (ahem) slack in his absence. ;-) You should see some postings from Forrest beginning today.

Have a great Sunday!! It's almost time for the T.O. and Jeffy show!