Sunday, October 31, 2004

Non-Swing State Voters - CRITICAL TO SUCCESS

The "swing state" fallacy is one I want to destroy right here, right now. Many netizens of Left Blogistan are lamenting the fact that they don't live in swing states, and therefore won't have as great of an influence on the presidential election.

I disagree on so many levels. Here's why:

Listening to the media whores, you'd think that the vote of anyone not residing in a swing state is less important. Like it's only worth 1/2 a vote or something. But this media fixation on swing states does bring up a legitimate question - if someone is not in a swing state, does their vote mean as much this coming Tuesday?

My answer: you bet. Maybe even more so.

John Kerry needs more than just a win in the presidential race - in addition to the electoral college, he needs a clear blowout in the popular vote, so that any accusations by the GOP of voter fraud are rendered useless for all practical and operational purposes. Also, a popular vote blowout, in conjunction with a Kerry electoral college victory, confers a strong mandate for change. It's as important that Senator Kerry hears that message as the neocon movement.

Lastly, a Kerry administration is going to need a dose of spine in the form of congressional representation - Senate and House. There's quite a few competitive congressional seats in non-swing states.

So that's why, even in states that are (at this time) solid blue need to really turn out the vote.

I somewhat fault the DNC for not hammering this point home over the course of the past month. It's not just the swing states.

Every single vote matters, regardless of where the votes are coming from. The more, the merrier.