Saturday, October 30, 2004

Nothin' but Sunshine

Listen, at this point in the game, Monkey Boy™ could produce Osama's head on a stick, and it wouldn't matter.

Ruy Teixeira concurs.

In the horse race homestretch, Kerry is pulling away like a thoroughbred. Fast. This doesn't mean you don't have to work 24 X 7 in the next four days. It just means the job is a bit easier. And you should have a little more spring in your step as you canvas door-to-door.

So don't be worrying about a little video tape. Hell, by the end of the weekend, OBL's going to be painted as the Boy King's most vocal supporter. Just the fact that OBL's still around and able to put out a vid four days before the election is a major black eye for Bush. And that on top of the other severe beatings that the Bushbot's have been taking this week.

It's all good.