Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Hats off to Insult Comic Dog!

Great picture that surely captures yesterday's debate as well as anything. For those of you who don't know, Insult Comic Dog, whose blog is listed over there on the left, is a vital participant at Politically Speaking, also linked at the left there.

Politically Speaking is where I met him, and where I met Mr. Cranium as well. Perhaps many of you don't know what the place is, and since it requires registration many of you may not have decided to look it up. It is a cesspool, in some ways, and a fascinating look into just how divided our country is. I test many of my posts there, and the response from the Republicans is amazing. (I go by "Stingo" there.)

The place is sort of a train wreck, but also a place that would make a cultural anthropologist cream his jeans. I encourage you all to check it out, a place that hosts viewpoints of both sides -- you can see the ugliest of the Republican opinions right there!

Oh, it is also just one forum of the Philadelphia Eagles Message Board. Yup, football. Except for that little aberration of a forum called "Politically Speaking."

Join up! You'll be appalled!

Oh, and thanks again, Insult Comic Dog!