Thursday, October 07, 2004

For Your Listening Pleasure...

I'm sure many of you missed this Senate debate today - not that Senators truly debate all that often. It kind of reminded me of the British House of Commons, actually. Ted Stevens (R-Uranus) and and Richard Durbin (D-Il) got into it today on the Senate floor. It's quite an amusing listen, and well worth three minutes of your time. Watch for the forthcoming video, Neocons in Denial. Give it a listen.

There's also a nice little piece today from the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing with the head of the ISG, Charles Duelfer, who basically spent millions of taxpayer dollars reaching the same conclusion that David Kaye reached almost a year ago - no WMD. Never was.

Here's a piece on John Kerry and his religous convictions. Again, well worth the few minutes in time. I absolutelyguarenfriggintee you there's something here you didn't know before. And the uber-jeso fundie movement should take note and hang their heads in shame.

Lastly, from Wednesday night's Tavis Smiley show, an interview with Cornel West. Since I missed the Noam Chomsky talk in Philly last night (where was the publicity??), Dr. West's ruminations on black churches and the elections is the next best thing.

Good stuff, all of it.