Tuesday, October 05, 2004

From Riverbend... Samarra Burning

"Peace like a river ran through the city
Long past the midnight curfew we sat starry-eyed,
We were satisfied.

Ah......and I remember misinformation
followed us like a plague.
Nobody knew from time-to-time if the plans were changed.
Oh, oh, oh, if the plans were changed.
You can beat us with wires.
You can beat us with chains.
You can run out your rules, but you know
You can't outrun the history train"

Paul Simon - "Peace Like a River"
We've heard about it. The latest, media-rich US military operation in the "war on terra", the "war on people" in Samarra. They're killing "insurgents"there, bygawd! Second, third, fourth verse, the same as the first. Riverbend in Iraq has this to say:

"to top it off, we have to watch American military spokespersons and our new Iraqi politicians justify the attacks and talk about 'insurgents' and 'terrorists' like they actually believe what they are saying..." (read the rest at the link)

U.S. Taxpayers! What your government is doing in Iraq is upon your hard-earned dollars and upon your conscience. How many of you are still buying the White House lies about what is really happening over there? And hey! aren't you all feeling "safer"?