Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Two Guys, a Mosque, and a Hurricane

So, pop quiz: which of these guys has the most potential to impact the re-selection chances of George Bush?

A) Moqtada

NAJAF, Iraq (Reuters) - Radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr on Tuesday refused to meet an Iraqi peace delegation because of "American aggression" as U.S. troops pounded militia positions in Najaf near the country's holiest Islamic sites.

B) Charley

...Yet the devastation wrought by Charley made it difficult for even the rescue teams to operate. At the community center, FEMA crews installed telephone lines but were awaiting a satellite truck to plug them into and a generator to power the building. Staff members lent out the FEMA flashlight so people could navigate the pitch-black bathrooms.

Seated at a table in the steamy, dark gymnasium, Charles and Dorothy Romano were told they needed to apply for aid by phone -- but they have no phone service in their trailer park.
My answer in the comments.