Monday, August 09, 2004

Be Afraid. But Go About Your Life. Afraid. DHS Thanks You.

Ad campaign urges employers, families to plan for emergency

The Homeland Security Department is enlisting allies in its effort to prepare the nation for another terrorist attack: your kids and your boss.

Starting next month, children in grades 4 though 8 and employers nationwide will be asked to help get families and companies better prepared to respond to a crisis.

In schools, on the Internet and in TV and radio ads, youngsters will be introduced to a new Homeland Security mascot: a dog (an American shepherd) that will be named in a contest. The campaign, using the dog and a set of Ad Council advertisements, will encourage families to develop an emergency plan and talk about where kids should go, who will pick them up and how they will make contact...

Now, listen, I'm all about emergency preparedness. You just never know if Osama's going to show up at your backyard barbecue this coming weekend. So I've come up with what I think is a better mascot than an American Sheep Dog (although an American Sheep Dog might just be about appropriate, now that I think about it...).

And I've got a swell name for him - meet BOOGIE (that's Boogie over to the left). I'll pass my suggestion along to Secretary Ridge today. Any assistance you could provide in championing "Boogie" for DHS's mascot would be appreciated.

For my money, Boogie's the man.