Friday, August 06, 2004

Linda, Linda, Linda...

Has AP become (or have they always been) a Rovian Shill Machine just barely to the left of News Corp / Fox? I've really noticed lately, or maybe I'm just more sensitized, to AP's editorial slant. For instance, their bias really jumped out at me on the day that JFK selected JRE as his running mate, and an AP story noted they "couldn't get in touch with Edwards in his toney, suburban DC neighborhood for comment".

Anyway, here's what AP's saying about their latest poll (released about an hour ago). Kerry's leading right now, but AP's very lukewarm about it:

Kerry 48, Bush 45, Nader 3 - as compared to their last poll of Bush 48, Kerry 45, Nader 3. Folks, that's not a three point gain for Kerry - that's a 6 point swing. Well beyond the MOE. And easily almost earth shattering, given the apparent non-movement of most of the electorate in almost every poll.

So, why did I title this post, "Linda, Linda, Linda"? I'm shaking my head and mumbling those words like the village idiot after reading the following in the same story, while at the same time stifling the urge to laugh like a madman:

"I think President Bush has done an excellent job,' said Linda Roberts, a conservative Republican from Liberal, Kansas. "He's a Christian. I don't believe there's any reason to kill babies by abortion. I don't believe in gay marriage. I believe he is for equal rights, but also for God's rights."
This is what we're up against, folks. See what I mean about AP editorial slant?

Some AP editor was waiting literally weeks to insert that paragraph into a story.