Wednesday, August 18, 2004

On this Ship of Fools

Hulkette Woke Up This Morning and Heard Madness

Hulkette has a few bad habits, not the least of which is turning on Idiot Radio after she brushes the midnight cobwebs from her eyes and smokes a cigarette. This morning in the space of one hour, and less than a month from the 59th anniversary remembrance of the US bombings of the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, not one, but TWO idiot radioheads spoke of using a neutron bomb on the "insurgents" in Najaf ... and gee ! wouldn't that be a cool solution to the "little problem" the US has over there? I mean, (they ask rhetorically) ... wasn't that JUST the reason for the development of the Holy Neutron Bomb? (All kneel and sing praise)

Tailor-made you might say for the arrested-development, adolescent through middle-aged Beavis and Butthead chortlers, that is. And you know how the military is with unused toys ... it's like having money burning a hole in your pocket. We have it, damnit! We need to kill something. We want to use it. Otherwise what's the use of having it? (Which makes a good case for not having any nukes at all. The death-worshippers are so eager to use 'em, but I digress.)

For those unfamiliar with the workings and purpose of what they call a "neutron bomb" here are some background links and more:

The Atomic Archive

Chilling bunch of semi-humans here, at Warriors for Truth.

Inventor and Sugar Daddy of the Neutron Bomb, Sam Cohen, an interview.

Countdown to Midnight, Frida Berrigan.

Note the dry, surgical precision of the following: "Neutron bombs are also much cleaner than conventional nukes. A neutron blast only kills living things, leaving all buildings and weapons intact. It is the ultimate weapon to use against massed troops and armor, as all the enemies die instantly, no structures or vehicles are damaged, and, most importantly, no radioactive fallout is left behind." (Italics are mine along with the fury.)

As Mary Daly noted more than 30 years ago, ritualistic fact-recounting like this is one way for you to identify the necrophilic living among us, and Hulkette is not fooled by the pseudo-intellectualizations. She can clearly hear the Strangelovian chortles and see their sociopathic nuclear posturing.

Finally, since Hulkette must at least pretend to work at Kate's job today, this April 2000 address by Helen Caldicott.

Five four three two
One zero ignition blast off
Baby baby's got a neutron bomb.

Hulkette has learned her lesson about listening to the fools of the airwaves in the mornings. Honest. And now back to Kate.

Bonus points for anyone who can identify the syndicated idiot icily chortling along with the rest of the boys about the use of "tactical" nukes.