Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Atmosphere, meet Blogosphere

We're about to be hit a third time in a very short window. First there was Charley slamming into a state that is in play this election. Then Gaston caused massive damage in Virginia, also a state in play, though only marginally. Now here comes Frances, and it looks to be taking a bead on Florida again.

Right now that path puts this storm 30-50 miles off my shore, and the western side of the storm is always the most tame, supposedly, but we may get windows blown out, and certainly the roofs of the condo garages are goners. Yeah, this storm is going to hit Florida hard again. The big question is, does this help or hurt Mr. Bush?

I'm saying it hurt. Down south of Tampa and along the storm path through Orlando and out to Daytona, many folks are out of work because of the storm, and even if FEMA is successful, there are still tons of folks who are wanting to blame someone for the damage, the power outages, the delays in help, etc. Unemployment up, cost of living up, and in a state the President absolutely needs to win? The pain down here, I bet, is going to be felt by Bush as well. And the more havoc Frances wreaks, the more Bush will feel that pain as well.

I'll be emptying the garage into the condo tomorrow, and then storing valuables in the interior closets and bathrooms, readying things for windows to be blown out. Then, if the projections don't improve, I'm out of Dodge starting early Friday morning to beat the traffic. Heck, I might even head up to Philadelphia. After Friday, though, don't expect the SpinDentist to be blogging for a while if Frances takes a smack at Cape Canaveral.