Thursday, August 12, 2004

Totally OT - Charley

I'm a bit of a weather weenie - not so much a TWC (weather channel) weather weenie, but a NWS and hurricane tracking sites weather weenie. I can actually follow an isobar. ;) So, I've been hanging with the WX crowd in various chatrooms tonight.

Looks like Charley could blow up to CatIII or IV once he exits Havana - so best wishes and "be safe" to everyone on the west coast of the Banana Republic. If he takes dead aim on Tampa / St. Pete, it's a disaster in the making. Right now (this is a hunch) I'm guessing between Fort Myers and Naples, and Tampa gets a pass. Here's a few good sites to follow, if you're interested in this kind of stuff:

Wunderground - I've shilled them before. Best five bucks you'll spend on the internet.

Hurricane Hollow - best amateur hurricane weather site on the web. Live broadcasts and chat with folks in the eye. Look for WX-DelMarVa in chat...that would be me...

WXrisk - this guy gets paid to follow this stuff by companies who really care. Great for winter storms, too. Bookmark it.

To our friends in FLA - stay safe.