Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Putting An End to War, It's Coventry for the Warmongers

My husband Mr. Keys and I found this "little" comic book a couple of years ago. It's one of those "things my teachers (parents, senators, congresscritters, pastors) never told me" kind of books. We've given them away to friends to read and give away to their friends, who in turn are expected to read and give away, et cetera. The site is rich with quotes from anti-war movement folks, and includes chapter excerpts. (Be sure to scroll down and read those in particular) I called it a "little" comic book, but it packs a powerful message. Let me know what you think. I recommend scraping your nickels together to buy a copy. There's nothing like a book in your hand. Addicted to War: Why the US Can't Kick Militarism.

Here is a weekly protest going on at the beach in Santa Monica, California... called Arlington West.

The War Resisters League has a breakdown of how the pie of US tax money is "really" distributed. Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes.

And your bonus link is one of the most entertaining time-wasters I've found on-line in a long time, found this morning. A game from China, called Rivergame. You must move a group of people from one side of the river to the other, by twos, but you cannot leave some combinations behind, and you can't take others together across. A game of connections and combinations. I'm sure you'll figure it out with ease. Ebaums World is a treasure-trove of games and fun animation stuff. They also want you to click on a lot of advertisements. Be wary. ;-)